Beat Google Panda With These 4 Tips

Written by Kevin Chow on .

Getting hit by Panda is unarguably a horrible experience, and no I'm not talking about the fuzzy animal. Google Panda, an algorithm update that was first released in February 2011, saw a lot of sites lose their traffic. What's even worse, is that even months after the update, only a few of the sites made improvements while the rest decided it just wasn't worth the effort or gave up all together. Still even with some webmasters losing up to 10% of their traffic overnight, there is need to mention that the relentless pounding of Panda can indeed be avoided. Although the recovery is never quick, aligning your site with Google's guidelines is the only sure way of avoiding the catastrophic impacts of Google Panda.


Don't know whether you've been hit or not? It's easy to find out. Just check the status of your website and track the organic traffic from Google using your analytic program. If you do notice any sudden drop in traffic between 13 and 15 May, chances are you got hit by Google Panda. So what's next? Are you going to give it all up or fight for your stay?

4 Tips for Beating Google Panda

1. Check your link profile

The first thing you want to do is visit Google webmaster tools to inspect and locate any issues. In this case, issues refer to links that have been acquired from low quality or rather bad quality websites, any links that you might have bought in the past and any inbound links that have the same anchor text. Together with the link profile inspection, you also ought to carry out a thorough SEO audit from a Panda standpoint. This means eliminating anything that goes against the stipulations of Panda.

2. More than just SEO

Gone are the days when getting your site to the top of Google's result search page was all about links. Today, making it big in the online world calls for the right moves. That is, no shortcuts, just clear white hat SEO strategies. This means building a site that gives your users the best experience; from the content straight down to the navigation of the pages. SEO is not the only thing that matters, make the right changes.


3. Work with a professional

Unlike yourself, a SEO agent has probably dealt with other Google Panda projects and can bring helpful insight on otherwise grey areas. Make use of such resources to ensure that your sight recovers. However, with the multitude of Toronto SEO agencies in the market, it can get a bit tricky to choose one that's all about quality. Reason why you should consider getting recommendations from friends and colleagues before making a choice.

4. Keep Going

Once you've made all the necessary changes, it is important for you to keep pushing forward. Just because your site is on the road to recovery doesn't mean it's time to sit back and sip on a mimosa. Instead, concentrate on developing killer content that will have your visitors clicking on the share button and coming back for more.

Google Panda is set to roll out on a monthly basis and can take a minimum of 10 days to fully roll out, don't get caught unaware, make the necessary changes now.

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