Basic Local Optimization Steps To Boost Google Visibility

Written by Kevin Chow on .

Now that Google has released the Hummingbird update, more and more businesses are focusing on Google Places SEO for their websites. The latest Google update has changed from traditional keywords to conversational keywords. What that means for your website is you site needs to focus more on long tail keywords. Here are some of the best ways to ensure when your website shows up on Google Places that you are in the best position to attract new business. 

The Hummingbird update has really shaken up the search results for many websites. If your website was pushing customers to third party offers then you lost a huge amount of rank on the search engines. These websites were dropped from search rankings as more localized listings are finding their way to the top of the ranks. This is because Google has decided to place much more emphasis on the long tail keywords that people use in normal conversations. When people are looking for a barber shop in their town they don't type the word barber and start scanning through millions of results pertaining to the word barber. What people do is use conversation keywords like, Where can I get a haircut in Dallas? So Google has instituted a new algorithm that finds results based on those longer results. 

Google Places SEO is a good idea for many website owners because when your website appears on those pages it will be properly optimized like your website. Your website should appear on Google Pages with all relevant information and to do that you must claim your website so Google knows that you are the owner of the domain. People will then have the ability to post comments and rate your business as they would on many other websites. Interacting with users in a positive manner is always your best course of action even if you experience the inevitable negative feedback. You will learn to understand that you can not please everyone all the time, so do your best to run your business professionally and the people will find you. 

Your website should be properly optimized for the long tail keywords so that the search engine can find you when those searches are made. The next time someone speaks into their mobile device, "Where is the best barber in Dallas?", your should be at the top if you optimized it correctly.

Local SEO

Creating content on your website with the keyword "best haircut in Dallas", "cheapest barber in Dallas", "lowest price for haircut in Dallas" and best rated haircut in Dallas puts you in the best position to rank for those keywords and more when someone in Dallas wants a cheap haircut. These techniques will allow your website to appear over and over as more and more people begin searching for haircut in your town. The more content you can create that relates to haircut in Dallas the more your website will show up in Google Places. Take the time to put yourself in the position of the consumer and just ask questions they would ask before searching a business.

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