3 Google SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

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With more and more websites coming online everyday, the ability to keep your website on the top of the search engine results gets more difficult each day. You can not simply allow your website to sit stale and hope it will retain the ranking it has always had. Regardless that you have steady traffic or a decent amount of back links, if your site is not utilizing some Google SEO optimization techniques you are losing ground everyday. It doesn't have to be that way because there are different methods you could employ to move your website up the rankings steadily. Here are the top 3 Google SEO optimization techniques you should be using today.

The first Google SEO optimization technique that you must be using on your website is to use only unique content. Never try to cut corners by using other people's articles and content. The search engines will often penalize your website if the content is simply all used from other sources on the internet. Your website must use unique content that is relevant to your niche and it must have a decent ratio of keywords in the articles. If you are not capable of writing a unique 500 word article about your niche than simply pay a writer to do the work for you. There are websites all over the internet with writers get $2-5 per 500 word article to write about any niche for you. These articles must pass Copyscape so you know you are getting unique content. Once you have your articles you can hyperlink some of the keywords in the article to add even more value.

The next technique for improving the ranking of your website is to exchange links with other websites in your niche. These links are given authority by the search engines because they are relevant and they give the readers a link to gather even more information on that niche. You do not have to go to your direct competitors for their links. If you are a screen printer you can contact websites that sell printed beer mugs and exchange links with each other. The other added benefit to exchanging links with companies in niches similar to yours is that there is a possibility you can make a sale or two from all that added traffic. This will also help to increase your ranking with the search engines.


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The last Google SEO optimization you should employ on your website is to add a discussion forum or a chat room. These discussion pages allow users to come to your website and to make comments on products or services that you offer. These comments are perfect for showing the search engines that you site is active and on the pulse of what is happening in your niche. The added benefit to all the new content being added by visitors to your website is that this gives the search engine spiders more reason to come crawl your website. As more pages of discussion are added more pages need to be indexed.

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