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Do you want to start a quick, local SEO campaign for your website? Do you want to see your website in the top 10 search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo? Our company professionally and successfully produces results in Local Search Engine Optimization and marketing services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If you want to promote your business, quickly, efficiently and inexpensively, then you’ve found the right team!

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There are two ways of how your business can benefit from Local SEO


Organic SEO services

Organic Google Search Engine Rankings

These listings are the holy grail of search engine marketing (SEM). Those unpaid listings appear when someone does a search in Google. Our company offers professional SEO packages that will help you outrank your competitors and list your website on the first page of Search Engine Results Page. We achieve this through various methods like social media marketing (SMM), article marketing, Google+ marketing, video marketing and blogging.

How To Rank First On Google Organic Search Rankings:

1. First, fully create your website and subscribe to our monthly SEO services. If you want to advertise locally you will need to select keywords like: [name of the city] [product], [service] [name of the city], i.e. "Toronto flowers". This is how people search for services and products locally. Read more about SEO in Markham, Mississauga and Toronto

2. It’s advised to utilize our instructions and tune up you on-site SEO and finalize your set of keywords. Once that is completed, optimization begins.

3. Your website will start improving its ranking gradually month after month from outside of top 100 position to the top 10 ranking. Once your website moves closer to the first page ranking, you will see that your traffic and calls will increase accordingly.



Organic SEO services

Google Places / Google Maps

For specific search terms, keywords, and types of businesses, Google will display regular organic search results combined with Google maps places with a pin next to your website allowing a person to click on it and see the services you offer (integrated information from your Google + account). It has a compelling presence in the increasingly tight spaces at the top (might be in the middle) of the search engine results pages. The layout and position of Organic and Places result differ depending on the keywords you use and settings that Google has selected for that keyword. Many websites face the issue of lowering their actual ranking and traffic because Google places shifts on all Organic search results to 3-10 positions. To help you to reach your clients, we offer services for creating content, optimizing, and ranking your own Local Places account to the top of Google Places results.

How To Rank First On Google Places/Maps Results:

  • Signup for a Google Business account, create your profile, add images, and verify your address (Google will mail a verification code by regular mail)
  • Purchase our Google Citations / Local Directories Creation Services using the button below
  • We optimize your profile, make submissions, and monitor listings approvals.
  • We monitor and make sure that listing are approved and indexed by Google.
  • You Google Place position will gradually improve its ranking until it ends up on the first page accordingly.

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 How Local SEO Will Benefit Your Business?

Local directory submissions (also known as Google Citations) is the process of submitting your site to local directories, so as to increase relevant traffic, authority, and credibility in the eyes of Google. These directories have a variety of categories which will drive targeted traffic and will help Google to categorize your website.


One of the most important factors to improve your Google Map’s and Google Local rankings is the volume of citations and their quality that your business profile has. The more competitive market your business is in, the larger number of submissions it will take to outrank your competitors and rank on the first page.


Even though it’s easy to create a Google Maps profile, moving it to the top spot in the search results ladder requires quality citations from various sources on the web. Our company has a carefully selected and frequently updated database of directories that will improve your Google Place ranking.


This service allows business owners to easily acquire citations from various sources on the web to super-charge their Google Places profiles; our service is the most affordable way to optimize your Google Maps ranking and boost your overall domain authority!


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We love our clients and always willing to help startups, nonprofit organization or small businesses with small budgets. If you are still unsure on what to expect from our SEO services and how they will fit into your budget, just drop us a line and we’ll show you how flexible our plans are for the needs of your business!


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