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Many businesses around the world advertise their websites by using Pay-Per Click campaigns, which allows them to gain the most visitors with text ads on different search engines in the shortest amount of time.

Contextual advertising is done by paying to place text ads in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. This form of advertising is very advantageous in that the business can control the duration of paid ads by setting a daily budget. This therefore sets contextual advertising as an efficient tool in attracting customers by being able to full control the campaign. Even if you are not experienced with PPC, our team is fully equipped to help you from everything to setting up and manage all aspects of your campaign from start to finish.

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Fast results

Pay Per Click advertising (text ads) allows you to start running ads within an hour after creating your initial campaign and setting up your account. You will notice targeted visitors immediately become directed to your site after the start of your campaign.

Benefits of PPC


  • Get fast results within 24 hours.
  • Advertising is directed only to the target audience of your choice.
  • Payment only occurs when the user clicks on your ad. You pay only for potential or already interested customers.
  • An opportunity to experiment with different text ads based on target audience.
  • The effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be clearly calculated through the use of Google Analytics to track and analyze conversions.
  • Flexible control costs by setting daily budgets.
  • The ability to customize which regions your ads will display in.
  • The ability to specific the time and days in which your campaigns will run.
  • Full control of what keywords to use, and how large or small the campaign will be.

Contextual advertising in Google Adwords and Bing

 Google Pay Per Click Campaign Management


 Bing Pay Per Click Campaign Management



How we work

Pay Per Click Advertising


  • We study your market potential and target audience.
  • The formation of the structure of your account.
  • We select the best possible keywords based on campaign requirements.
  • Setup of ads based on specifications.
  • Optimize landing pages.
  • Monitoring and monthly reports on progress for all campaigns.



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