Become a SEO Copywriting Guru With These 4 Powerful Tips

Written by Kevin Chow on .

While keyword research may still be crucial, it is important to note that search engine algorithms have evolved. Currently, Google treats what others have to say about your content and the trust and authority of your domain as key indicators of your site' relevance and quality. This means that modern SEO is all about creating content that is so compelling your users are forced to share it or promote it by linking to it. This is where SEO copywriting comes in.


Although ">SEO copywriting was traditionally all about optimizing web page copy by targeting specific keywords in certain densities and frequencies, much has changed. Today, with the several algorithm updates available, many of the old tricks and practices no longer work. As you can imagine, a lot of people who thought themselves to be the SEO copywriting gurus have lost their touch. Lucky for you though, the following read aims at equipping you with some of the best SEO copywriting tips.

1. Do not focus on Keyword Density Percentage

In case you are new to SEO and don't know what keyword density is about, it is the number of times you repeat a keyword or a phrase divided by the total number of words on the page. Initially, a higher number of percentage was thought to be good and therefore a lot of webmasters encouraged stuffing their content with keywords. The end result was far from pleasant as the content would lack a natural flow. If you are still under the impression that cramming your content with keywords will help you site rank better on search engines then get this; nothing proves that Google favors certain keyword densities over others.

2. Focus on benefits not features

When creating content meant for sales purposes, you should always focus on the benefits, that is, what's in it for the buyer. Google has made it quite clear, what with all the fuzzy animal updates, that search engines are all about providing users with the best experience. This means that if you only offer product dimensions and do not talk about its relevance to the consumers use, chances are you will make very few sales or none at all. Remember that consumers make choices based on emotions, therefore create content that is captivating and reader centered.



3. Do not focus on word count

Somewhere along the line, someone got everyone in to believing that having a 500 word count was the best way to get Google to rank your site better. Well, this is nothing but a myth, there is no specific number of words that your content should be. Your blog or article only needs to be as long as it takes to explain or drive a point across.

4. Optimize for robots write for humans

By now it is quite obvious that Google prefers natural content over SEO stuff. This means that you need to focus on creating content that appeals to humans and increases chances of conversions. After all, what is the use of ranking well if your content doesn't not convert?

So much has changed over the few years, make sure you don't get left behind. Make use of the above SEO copywriting tips.

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