Understanding How Google Affects Your Website's SEO

Written by Kevin Chow on .

Your website is being monitored by search engines spiders everyday of the week to make sure that you are compliant with guidelines and to see if your site has any new content that needs to be indexed. When you understand a little more about Google SEO you will put yourself in a better position to improve traffic to your website. The only way that you can increase your traffic is when Google allows more visitors access to your website. There are certain steps you can take to insure that your search optimization efforts are in line with what the search engines are looking for. 

The first area of your website that needs your focus is your images and videos. If your pages are full of different sized images that look really amazing, you must tone it down and only have one or possibly two images per page. The reason for this is that the images might look fine to a human visitor but they are not visible to the search engine spiders. They can only read the image tag that you give each image, and do not really add any value to your content. You will be better served if you only use an image if you can not describe something with words. Once you describe something with words you should use your main keyword or anchor text and hyperlink those phrases to other pages on your site and relevant websites on the web.

The next are we will look at concerning Google SEO techniques is your categories on the website. They should all be optimized with your keywords and describe the area of the website clearly so people are inclined to click your categories and the spiders understand where those pages lead. It makes no sense to use the standard category headings like videos, products, storefront and help section. You are not utilizing those areas correctly. They are at the top of your website in most cases so they do receive authority from the search engines and should be more SEO friendly. Using categories like Cooking Videos, Cooking Products, Cooking Storefront and the Cooking Help section all make more sense to search engine spiders and give your visitors the feel they are on a true authority in the fields website. This only takes a few minutes to implement on your website and can really make a huge difference when it comes to your traffic.

Understanding How Google SEO Affects Your Website

The last area on your website that needs to be addressed when it comes to Google SEO is your sitemap. Your website should already have one, and if you do it should be updated each time you add content to your website. If you do not have a sitemap on the website you are losing valuable traffic because the search engines can not properly crawl your website and may not be able to index all the pages accurately. Install a free sitemap and update it regularly so that the spiders can use it like a map to navigate all the pages of your website.

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