Important Web Design Techniques For Creating A New Website

Written by Kevin Chow on .

When it comes to creating a brand new website, many people spend less time on the web design and more on filling the site with as much content as possible. The ability to create a website from the ground up has gotten so much easier than in the past, that many new website owners feel the need to install every plugin and accessory that they can to their new site. Here are a few web design tips that will help you to create a visually pleasing website and one that is functional as well.

When creating your website it is crucial that your web design be kept simple. Do not feel the need to fill the sidebars with ads and banners and images and links just because you can. You should have a clear picture either in your mind or on paper of exactly how you want to bring your new creation to life. Adding every image and video you have on your hard drive will only clutter up space and make it more difficult for users to have a pleasurable experience. Take a step back and try to create a website that is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. You have to also remember that many people still only have smaller monitors or are accessing your website on their smartphone, so a simple design will be much more easier for these visitors to enjoy your work.

After you have come up with a simple design that gives the visitor a reason to want to stay and look around, now is the time to focus on the best possible layout of the websites theme. You have at your disposal the ability to create a right sidebar, a left sidebar, two column layout, three column layout and many variations of all those possibilities. The most widely recognized of these layouts is the traditional two column design, Now because this web design has been so popular for so long, it makes sense if you want to immediately connect with your visitors to give them something they are already comfortable using.

Your color choice is also one of the best ways to keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time. If you website screams bright colors like a neon sign, they will most likely be looking away in a very short period of time. Remember that just because you can use these colors in your web design that doesn't mean that you should. Try to choose one primary color that you base the entire website theme around and make sure to have that color highlight areas throughout the entire website. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes and do not draw attention away from your hard work and all your content.


The use of images can really add a nice touch to your website, but do not overdo it. Use images that are high resolution and that are relevant to your subject matter. These images should be small enough to not take up the entire width of the page, and should be used as highlights to bring attention to certain areas within your website that need to be highlighted. Videos work well with conveying a point that the printed word just can not make, but use these videos again only as needed. Do not feel that you have to have a video or image in every paragraph of your website or you will take away from the focus of your site.

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